by Loretta Marie
Just as every home needs to be physically cleaned each day, your home also needs to be spiritually
cleansed of negative influences and energies.  Every home, building, piece of furniture, clothing,
jewelry, and any type of object carries with it the energies of those who made the items, those who sold
them, those who previously owned them and everyone that has ever touched them.

Your home whether newly built or previously owned has within itself the energies, thoughts, feelings,
vibrations and influences of everyone connected to it.  The land your home stands on, its walls, the roof,
the floors, the windows, everything in and around it, is impregnated with energy and vibrations. It even
has the energies whether good or bad from visitors, neighbors, strangers, family members, relatives,
and yourself. Each and every person that lives, has lived or comes into the boundaries of your home
leaves something behind.

You want to conduct a
Spiritual Home Cleansing & Blessing:
  • to remove any Negative Influences, Thoughts, Feelings, Vibrations and Energies left by others; past
    or present, and
  • to release any Negative One Spirits “Type A” or “Type B” that are causing havoc and fear inside or
    outside your home.

It doesn't matter if you have just moved into your home whether new or previously owned, or you have
been living there for years, it is wise and prudent for the safety and sanity of yourself and your family
members to eliminate any Negative Energies from Builders, Contractors, Constructions Workers,
Salespeople, Previous Owners, Occupants, Tenants, Visitors, Family Members, and even Yourself.  

Negative Energies include different types of negative thoughts, feelings, vibrations and influences left
behind by visitors, neighbors, family members, relatives, and sometimes yourself. The type and strength
of these negative energies is captured by your home indefinitely. They will not be released by just
opening a window and or physically cleansing your home.  They have to be removed and released by a
specific method. These energies are especially important if you know that there was something traumatic
connected to the home. I have designed specific Spiritual Cleansing & Blessing Kits to release these
types of negative energies from new and previously owned homes, apartments and condominiums.
These kits also make great House Warming Gifts.

It is also extremely important to conduct a Spiritual Home Cleansing & Blessing if you suspect that
Negative One Spirits “Type A” have taken up residency in your home. These include Earthbound Spirits,
Ghosts, Poltergeists, Apparitions and Memory Energy Fragments. They may have been there before you
moved into your home, came on the coat tails of friends, family members, or may have even followed you
home from a party, a funeral, a restaurant, or hospital, etc.

The first level of
"Type A" Negative One Spirits are Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts and Poltergeists; they are
earthbound spirits who have not gone into the Light of God. They are aware of your presence and what’s
happening in your life.  While some Ghosts may be benign in their interaction with you and your family
members others can cause untold havoc in your home. They both do, however, drain energies and cause
fear for anyone living in the home. Poltergeists which are mischievous ghosts can cause an abundance
of chaos, envy, lust, and anger in a home.  While most Ghosts and Poltergeists have not or will not accept
that they are dead and have refused to leave their possessions (a home is a good example), their
addictions, their life on Earth, some are just afraid to go into the Light of God because of their fear of
misdeeds in the past; while others just don’t recognize that they are even dead.  Each Negative One
Spirit has missed their opportunity to go into the Light.  While some may refuse to go into the Light; most
are seeking a way back to the Light but don’t know how to get there.  

The second level of
Negative One Spirits "Type A" are called Memory Energy Fragments and Apparitions
which are residue thoughts, energies and vibrations from the past. These energies are similar to playing
a cassette tape; the recorder plays the same song over and over again until you turn the tape over to the
other side.  With these types of Negative One Spirits the same old traumatic scenes with the same
sounds, the same feelings and the same memory fragments repeat over and over again. These spirits are
unaware of you and your family members and don't know what’s going on around them. They do,
however, drain energy and cause uneasiness when you experience their presence. They are, however,
just a fragment of a memory or a person from long ago.  I also have designed kits that are 80-90%
effective in helping to remove “Type A” Negative One Spirits into the Light.

If you suspect that you may have a hex, curse, spell or psychic attack attached to your home, I have  
designed specific kit to remove
Negative One Spirits “Type B”. Some of these negative energies may be
residue vibrations from the past as the former residents may have dabbled in the dark arts or the house
may have had an ancestral curse, spell or hex placed on it which has not been released into the Light.
Most hexes, spells, curses and psychic attacks, however, come from former lovers, spouses, friends, co-
workers, and/or others who for one reason or another do not like you personally, don’t like the way you
look, the way you talk and/or are jealous of your present life.  

Since we all have a natural defense mechanism called an Aura to keep Negative One Spirits "Type B"from
infiltrating are being (as long as we keep our Aura strong and energized), these types of Negative
Energies for the most part do not affect us personally.  However understand, placing a hex, spell, curse
or psychic attack within or outside a "house" is much more easily accomplished especially by those
individuals who are serious on doing you and your family harm.  
Believing or not believing in hexes,
spells, curses or psychic attacks
will not prevent these experiences from happening.  These types of
negative energies have a life of their own.  

To remove or release either Negative Energies and Negative One Spirits from your home can only be
accomplished two ways:

  • Through a Spiritual Exorcism (releasement) conducted through a remote intervention. You can
    contact Loretta Marie through The Inner Light Shoppe at info@innerlightshoppe.com, or
  • You can personally conduct a Spiritual Home Blessing and Cleansing yourself. Purchasing one of
    Loretta Marie's appropriate Spiritual Home Blessing & Cleansing Kits.

When a Spiritual Home Blessing and Cleansing is performed God’s Grace and Blessing surround the
inside and outside of the home and all negative energies and spirits are transformed and released into
the Light of God.

It is especially important to perform a
Spiritual Home Blessing and Cleansing when you move into a new
home whether newly built or previously occupied and when you are experiencing major life changes
such as:

  • Divorce or Separation
  • Death or Birth in the Family
  • Relationship Problems
  • Environmental Disasters
  • Life-Threatening Physical Illnesses
  • Depression or any Emotional Difficulties
  • Substance Abuse Issues such as Alcohol, Cigarettes, Drugs & Food Addictions
  • Sexual or Physical Abuse Problems
  • Criminal Activities and Invasions
  • Completed Major Surgery or Dental Work

Once a
Spiritual Home Blessing and Cleansing ceremony has been performed you will experience:

  • A restoration of harmony and balance to your home and life.
  • Peace and harmony with family members, etc.
  • Shifts in the energy of your space to a vibrant, feel good, filled with love, joy and peace
  • Enhanced emotional and physical healings with a general feeling of well-being.
  • More Personal and financial successes in your home.

It is also recommended that you cleanse your home once per month for the first three months and every
six months thereafter to keep your home harmonious and free of negative vibrations and spirits.


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